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The Regions You're In.


Oh man! I love this place!! Ebaum's! Simply logging on and have granted access unto this website give me Peace and Exhaust!

The People(you), for the most part, are brilliant artists with an uncaningly witful outcome in every single thought ponderable.

The regions you're in! artwork in every corner, in every way!

Still, for those out there with an IQ below 100, (though such should not be labeled), are the funny, pothead ones with utterance and diligent psychotic notions. Or old people, and Proud Bluecollars. (Certainly not to say anything 'bout any body personal, or whatever.)

Perhaps even complete douche-bags withnot at all a reason to despise everyone, but do. The rare Type. The People with Broken Hearts, or Those Risen from The Ashes of Themselves. The ones in nowhere. The Dwarfs. The immobile. Everyone that has a reason to be here, WE ALL DO! I Love the Very backround of this stage, that keeps this site afloat!

!Muchas gracias para leer mi blog! --j_q!

jenson_q Uploaded 08/11/2008
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