Because we're Americans, dammit

I watch the olympics, but not religiously. It's only when I'm channel surfing, or if I' curious to see who has the most medals.

Anyway, what the hell is it with China? Fake fireworks? Substituted a fat chinese girl's body for a skinny one? And the opening bit called "march of the volunteers" - it should have been March of the SLAVES. What a freakin country.

So my point on this blog, we should be in the lead in EVERYTHING. I don't care if it's freakin pingpong, Americans should dominate that shit. We have a kick ass swimmwer, great runners, and good beach volleyball teams, but this wuss boxer taking advice he heard "yelled out?" That my friends, is a fail for America.

We are the land of the free (unline china), hav great weather in most of the states (unlike china; today's forecast is HAZY with a touch of HAZE), and some hot women (unlike the chinese).

We are FREAKIN AMERICANS, God bless this country, what it stands for, and everyone else can kiss our asses; Because WE'RE AMERICANS DAMMIT.

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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