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Real people want real blogs and real blogs should be written by


   Real people want real blogs and real blogs should be written by people tha twrite blogs for reading by real people and when they read the blogs they can rate blogs or write blogs or blog about whatever they want. 

    I would like to write a blog about a blog I read about a blog one day but I will not do that in this blog. In this blog I would like to refer to a blog I read that was quite dreogitory and just plain fucking wrong. In this blog were things that were untrue and I read it. When I saw this blog I wonderd what the fucking deal was with it and why certain things happened after this blog Considering I had been away from home for quite some time. I wonder who was the originator to help build the thought of the blog. I aam not so sure but I hope whoever wrote this blog that I read last February before last. You son of a bitch what the fuck were you and those ugly bitches talking about in that blog? I hate home alot I want to write a blog about where I am from butother people have allready wrote enough blogs about that area so fuck it. Fuck the blog.

Hoblem Uploaded 08/13/2008
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