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People on take things way too seriousley


i decided to go onto an online chatroom/glashgame site and start talking bullshit things as a joke. so I made an account and adressed someone,I told them he was slim shady. it started out with like "LOL" and " yea right" but then i continued on then they leveled up to like "shut up" and "be quiet" then another couple minutes of typing eminem they progressed into "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and "FUCK YOU" then i had a slim shady buff and started asking me questions that u gladly answered with a little help with google. then i started getting private messages, "are you really marshal mathers" and "are you really eminem". then they all got really pissed off so i decided to switch it up a bit, i then called myself snoop dog and variouse other rappers/rock artists. then i left and the next day when i a inbox filled with pm's its retarded. 

hbtn666 Uploaded 08/13/2008
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