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Plaigerism...a croc?



Ok as some of you know (well...those who paid attention) I go to this college high school bred I have to go to this 2 week intro. coarse(sp.)

Todays lesson was...hah surprise? Plaigerism.

It is such a croc that by quoting some guy you can get kicked out of college...i mean god, is everyone such a fucking pussy when it comes to their work?

quite frankly, if some guy quoted my work...i'd be fucking HONORED, i would sue him for all he's's selfish that you have to "own" an idea, don't you think it makes the whole 1st ammendment thing both null and void?

good god, it makes me afraid to write any of my own ideas in fear of some clusterfuck in montana saying "uhhhDERRRRRR you copied me" know what FUCK YOU...FUCK...YOU...I wrote this for a goddam A in my class not to claim your fucking idea...LAY OFF!!!

reyo Uploaded 08/14/2008
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