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Hole in his head mate...ya got a hole in your head


Ya know I put this video on 3 days ago I even
checked to make sure it was not on Ebaums and
it wasn't, what a shame godlovesdemeter didn't
check to make sure it wasn't already added or
did he, and it was already on Ebaums. What a
coincidence. So then he adds it and even gets
featured. whats up with that................I
guess if you change the title and Description
then it is OK to put it on even tho someone
else has already posted it!!!! NOT COOL. As a
newcomer we get bitched at for doing this very
thing, but guess members who have been on here
awhile are allowed to. Change the name and repost it, that must be the way to do it?????

FoxHere Uploaded 08/17/2008
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