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eBaum's isn't about funny content anymore...


I mean come on, I have been coming to this site before the commenting was added.  Back then things were great!  You could watch quality videos and quality pictures.  Now eBaum's is all about discussion and talking with people through comments (positively and negatively).  The celebrities on eBaum's like Trigger Gun, Biguy, and JC (just to name a few) have seriously taken over eBaum's world.  If I'm watching a funny video and if one of the celebrities above comments, the entire page of comments are replys to that celebrity, saying hello, or calling them gay.  Even when they don't comment on something, people are always like "Where's JC" "I want Trigger Gun to comment something sick and twisted on this!"  I mean come on, this site has gone from laughing about stuff, to insulting each other or getting a chance to talk with the famous users.

Symmathos1 Uploaded 08/21/2008
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