Fucking IRS

I am at the tail end of an audit and I just need to vent a little here. For starters it seems that if you made an underpayment in 2003 they would have told you back in at least 2004 right. Oh fuck no, they send me a notification of underpayment in 2008 with 5 years of interest tacked on.

Here I sit owing the federal government $11,000 when I should only owe them $4,000. Just for those of you who think there is a way around this trust me there is not. I have been through federal tax court and $ 2,000 in attorney fees to find out that those tax relief commercials are bull shit. The only way you can get a tax debt reduced is if you are so unbelievably poor the you won't be able to eat if you pay them. They don't care if you loose your house or your car which would also remove your ability to keep working in all likelihood.

Here is to our federal government pissing away millions to support the election of public officials nobody thinks are qualified while they fuck the rest of us. I am not talking about a nice "we'll cuddle later fuck" no sir, they like to leave you with that prison shower rape feeling. I was so pissed of yesterday that I told the woman to just fucking quit her job and that would more than cover the $11,000 I owe. Some how she didn't find that the least bit amusing

All I can say in conclusion is that it is a good damn thing I make as much as I do because if I had some crappy job I would be screwed. What happens to the guy from MMcDonald's when he gets a $10,000 dollar or greater tax bill? He goes to jail for delinquent tax that's what. Tell me there is any rhyme or reason to that!

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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