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School Sucks Serious Ass


Well, I go back to school on tuesday. Thank God it's only a half day. Too bad I get to take the wonderous Rapid Bus on half days. Which reminds me, I need a new bus pass....Anyway, the first week or two at our school is completely pointless. We don't do shit. They give us our school supply list and expect the supplies after a week and a half.....confirming my point that for the first two weeks, we only sit at our desks for 7 pointless hours. So fucking lame...O, yeah, and I'm sure you guys could care less (because I wouldn't if I were you), but I'm probably not gonna be on here alot once school picks up. So don't fucking spam my inbox!!


And I know I'm gonna come back on here after a couple months and find (205) new messages.....all from the same person. So "Thank You" in advance.

WhyNot Uploaded 08/24/2008
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