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Yes I know, I may get a "YOU DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH" or an ITT-tech joke here and there, but some of you are confused, and you don't even know it.

The one thing you should know:  COLLEGE IS SCHOOL.

Yeah you're 18, yeah you can sleep in and take night classes, yeah there are no hall moniters to get anal about your existence.  BUT IT'S STILL FUCKING SCHOOL.

You have grades, papers, homework, scedules, and teachers.

The only differences are you control the scedule (to an extent) and the teachers won't baby-sit your ass to do something.

Unlike High Schools, your grades only effect you.  In high school, if you got an F, it also made the teacher look bad, but in College...the professors take your money, look at you and say "Have a nice day."  because they know you'll be back next year (unless you puss-out)

The main thing you need to remember is:  No work, No diploma.  Meaning you wasted the whole year and tens of thousands of your money...way to go dumbshit.

reyo Uploaded 08/26/2008
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