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Ever notice that RAP is ten times better than rock music?  That's because rock music is and always has been corporate sell-out music while RAP is ART!  Listen to the pure lyrics and unrestrained rhythms of 50 cents or Busta'll never listen to your silly long-hair girl bands again. RAP is real music, it sings to the reality of the black experience in America.  Rock is just jerk-off music. TUPAC LIVES!!

08/28/08 NOTE:  FUCK ALL HATERS!  Ever notice that rock musicians, like those pussies in Metallica, make all this "angry" tough guy music but are a bunch screaming fairies in real life.  At least RAPPERS KEEP IT REAL!  They live their music since their music reflects their lives!  You bitches hate rap because it is authentic...something you'll never be.  HA HA HA


NIRVANA--whiner music written by the king of greasy haired whiners Kurt "hole in the head" Cobain.  Courtney Love wrote most of their hits anyway.


METALLICA--Too bad they all didn't perish in the hilarious bus crash and saved us all years of shit-rock.  King of the sissy bands.


IRON MAIDEN--Up the Irons!  Up your douche bag asses!  Adolescent music.


AC/DC--who was the bigger douche in this shit band?  Angus ASS CLOWN Young or Bon "breathe my own vomit" Scott?  Brian Johnson sounds like he gargles with gorilla juice...just like his fans.


LED ZEPPELIN---a pervert band full of crusty old gay fairies.  Shit-rock at its finest.  No talent music about"mystical mountains" and "stairways to heaven"  GAY!


The ALLMAN BROTHERS--god bless the motorcycle accident!  A bunch of cross burning rednecks whomade back-country music for back-country cock-licks.


PANTERA---The queens of douche-core! 


Other bands that suck:  Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Alice-In-Chains, Slayer, A7X, Aerosmith


TRUE ARTISTS:  Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West,  TUPAC, Public Enemy, Boyz to Men, Ma$e, 50 cents

I do like a few artists that could be called rock: 

Christina Aquilera-she ROCKS!  Fallout Boy-the only METAL I like.  Pink-she shreds!  Courtney Love-she's so fucking hot and talented!  Matchbox20-the only true Grunge band

What's your opinion?

IdidURmomma Uploaded 08/27/2008
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