fucking greenies

I've watched this nonsense grow for awhile and I feel it's time to say something. As an individual who cares about the future of humanity and has explored solutions to the problems with the cultre that covers most of the earth right now, I personally despise the 'Green' movement with every fiber of my being. not because I don't think humans need to change thier actions and energy needs to better accomodate the needs of current and future generations, but because it gives people the impression that something is being done. what the Green 'solution' that is currenty becoming a holywood cult with green shows and green apliances and such really is, is a cosmetic non-solution. It makes it seem like something is being done, and it makes ignorant people who finally realized something is going wrong calm down alittle. but they shouldn't calm down they should open thier fucking eyes. this culture is still headed for destruction. the rate of population growth relative to resources that should fulfill thier survival needs is getting worse, and the green solution isn't slowing things down. we are racing to cover the needs of our massive population, and it's a race we can't win. lowering our energy usage, by an infantescimally small margin isn't going to save us. I've seen people waiting for a magic solution to solve this problem, and they're starting to think this is that solution. they're all buying the okeydoke. even if every need in the world for energy eventually becomes wind and water powered, which will never happen, no one considers the mass and expense involved in wind power. the turbines are massive and require greate xpense to build and maintain. for all the power they generate covering three planet earths in turbines couldn't fulfill our needs, and they're growing still. Nothing is being done about the way food is distributed either. Don't bend over and take the green cult's solution. It's a bunch of bullshit. don't settle for this. demand a real solution.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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