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AKA Facebook, I being a 15 year old girl am on facebook alot, along with ebaumsworld and msn, well Yesterday I got curious and asked a bunch of people who I knw would answer honestly how much they were on facebook every day during the school year and the summer, some of these people get up at noon and will be on their computer non stop for like 8 hours and only stop to shower, use the washroom, and eat.

Another thing, Facebook is kind of evil. My friend is getting divorced and she said something about Facebook to her lawer and her lawer said " aaahhh facebook, making it so easy for men to cheat, and get caught doing so"  I think who ever made this site is sitting in their office just laughing hystericaly all day everyday because he can look at people dumb pictures and comments and the really ridiculously ugly and fat women who feeel the need to post almost naked pictures.

CailenMP Uploaded 08/28/2008
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