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Wii Is way better than the x-box 360 and the ps3


I think the wii is way funner than both becuase You actually get excersize from the wii. I am addicted to mario and sonic at the olympic games. I mean the wii is way cheaper than both of them and it's way better. I think that some par5ents would be convinced to buy it if the wii made this commercial for a before and after weight loss program only using the Wii. The only game I like on the x-box 360 is halo 3, but the only thing bad about that game is you don't get excersize at all, you sid down for hours and hours drinking mountain dew and eating chips. For the Wii, to win a race in mario and sonic at the olympic games, you have to move your arms as fast as you can, and doing that works out just about every muscle in your upper body.

blacksheep101 Uploaded 08/29/2008
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