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They're making a new fast and the furious film!!!!


        I'm getting really excited for the release of the new fast and the furious(fatf) film. Its kind of weird though, it has paul walker in it, vin deisel, han (don't know his name) and all the others from fast and the furious #1. but what i don't get is hans in it and there's not that one texan accent guy that was in tokyo drift, maybe it was set like fatf 1.5 becuase vin deisel isn't in the second one and he's at the end of tokyo drift. I'm just a huge fan of fatf, I love customized ricers or whatever you like to call them, but I love playing racing games where you can customize your car, I'm just so excited about it!!!!!  Just go to google or something and type in new fast and the furious movie. It doesn't come out till 2009. I can't find the actual title of the movie, but it's directed by vin deisel which i think is pretty cool

blacksheep101 Uploaded 08/29/2008
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