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What can I say about weed. Well only one thing should be said about weed... WEED SHOULD BE LEGAL. Not to get high but to help skinny people get hungry and eat. Also to make people happy. So tell me how you feel about this issue. Weed has been proven not to hurt the brain in any way whatsoever. There have been so many studies conducted on marijuana it's unbelieveable that it ISN'T legal yet... well not unbelieve but still. The film Super High Me shows a man not smoke weed for 30 days then smoke weed everyday for 30 days, and guess what? No negative results. It shows that weed isn't bad for you. The only reason against weed is that sometimes a jackass will smoke weed and do something amazingly stupid. That's why you should need a permit to smoke. I believe if you can pass a "smoke test" and you can control yourself then you should be allowed to smoke weed. It's sad that when people in the community think of marijuana they think of idiots destroying something insted of thinking of the good ones who like to have fun.

Rubber_Chicken Uploaded 09/02/2008
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