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I noticed that the user bluenote67 posted a blog with many facts about himself in a bid to let users on this site get to know him better, well I think it's a pretty cool idea as most of the communication on this site is between users hurling random abuse at each other so in an attempt to calm things down on Ebaums here is a selection of facts about myself.

1. My real name is Jon

2. I was born on September 14th 1988

3. The place I consider home is Eynsford, Kent in England, I lived there since I was 3 to 15 and it is my favourite place in the world and if any of you come to England of live here and just have never been there, go there, you will like it.

4. I passed my Theory Test on the sixth time, the 5 other times are due to lack of revision and one time i fell asleep by the pc for half an hour.

5.I went to school with Gemma Arterton, well she was 2 years above me and her sister was in my class, if you don't know look her up on Wikipedia.

6. I may not have many friends but I appreciate all of them and think of them as family.

7. I have no problem with Homosexuality because the way I see it, if they love each other then what's to hate.

8. In my opinion Procon Engineering is the best place to do Temp Work, the one near Otford.

9. When I was 16 my oldest brother killed himself and my dad died of heart failure 5 months afterwards.

10. I like my life and my work where I earn a decent wage and get on well with everyone.

11. I love all of Tim Burton's work.

12. I am a huge Sci-Fi fan and have met Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Robert Picardo and George Takei.

13. I love to read.

14. I love going to the Cinema and have a selection of over 300 DVDS.

15. I am a fairly quiet person but when I start talking I have people asking me to shut up as I just go on without meaning to.

16. I am a big fan of music from the 90's and most of my Itunes library is 90's pop.

17. I have never rid a Public Plane but have personally flown one of those little planes owned by collectors.

18. My favourite lessons at school were History and Science.

19. I hope to be driving within the next 5 months.

20. I would love to travel the world and learn at least 5 languages including French, Japanese, Spanish, Latin, Italian and be able to relearn the ability to read ancient runes.

21. I have a huge interest in mythology and in fact the month I was at college I spent most of the time in the Library reading up on mythology and watching South Park eps on the pc.

22. If I do become financially well off later on in life I would like to turn a large room of the house into my own personal Library.

23. I used to be quite uptight about things but now I have been told that im perhaps too relaxed about things.

24. I am the youngest in my family.

25. I saved this one for last as it will require some explaining, when I was growing up as in 11 to 18, I had a form of OCD "self diagnosed" in which I used to check my watch pretty often, as in every few seconds, I developed my own system on the watch so that for every hour it was i would check it so that for instance if it was one oclock on my watch it would appear like this, 01:01:01 and then the next one would be 01:11:11 and then 01:13:13 and so on for every single varient of one you could get and after a few days I included the 24 hour clock into it so that made it all the bit worse.

If you were wondering what happened if I missed one I also found out that if you counted in groups of four you would keep on getting to a different set of ones from within the same thing for instance say it said 1 on the watch, add 4 would be 5 add another 4 and it would be 9 then add another 4 and it would be 13 which is the 24 hour clock way of representing 1 and add continue that and youd get 21 and 41 and if you apply that to 11 which was two ones you'd end up at 31 and 51, oh also when on the clock it would get to 13: 31 in the seconds box I would wait for it to get to 13 and it would be like a completion thing,

So there you have it, 25 facts about me, please feel very free to post your opinions and also discuss your thought on my OCD which I managed to get rid off by just stop using the watch and even now when I see it I think about how much was wasted on it.

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