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Nowadays people are constantly labeling our society with lame names,
some of which you may know as, emo, goth, punk, indie, hipsters, gangsters.
And lately, I've been noticing that, more and more people are using these labels.
My mom for instance, the other day we are driving and she see's a person
wearing black jeans and makeup.
And I was so surprised to hear her say, " Jordan, look at that emo child over there. "

All im saying is, I'm tired of the society constantly having to organize everyone
into these little tribes. But aswell, I believe that some of these people dress like they do, just to get labeled,
which in my books, is even more stupid.

Don't take this in the wrong way if you are one of those people. But seriously.
Get real.

To end this little " rant " I would just like to see less labels. Its lame.  

Nuck_4_Life Uploaded 09/04/2008
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