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Do you like Palin?


I know I don't lmao!!!  People eat up what she says in the media.  Republicans are stupid for the fact that they stated time and time again that Obama shouldn't be President because he has no experience, don't lie you know you did.  Now that Palin is in the picture we change our tone?  Most Republicans agree she is experienced enough to be VP, lol.  At least Obama was in the Senate, Palin was a Governor. Did anyone listen to Palin or McCains speech?  They didn't talk about the economy or failed Bush policies and what they would do to fix it.  What did they talk about instead?  There personalities and there past....who cares?   Palin doesn't even know what a VP does, don't believe me, view this video below:


Lol....McCain will put this country in an even worse position, yes it is possible.  Stop believing everything you hear in the media, do your own research.

filmguy8505 Uploaded 09/05/2008
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