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Trying to understand the impact of change


      If you guys have been reading throughout the blogs you may or may have not seen my comments regarding this election.

      I have never voted in my life. I have always avoided politics as much as possible for two reasons: 1. I do not know much about the subject. (Oh I get it. Its authority control, and for the greater good) and 2.) I'm all about a passionate discussion. However, politics and religion are awful touchy. I prefer to sit back and listen, rather absorbing both topics.        

       I am listening to all views without prejudice, and I have a few questions.





Part 1: The Republicans




          1.) Fact or fiction? If elected, will John McCain attempt to change or "update" the constitution? Will my freedom of choices be taken away? I read somewhere that Sarah Palin has banned certain books from libraries. Are they trying to overturn Roe v. Wade?. Will I still be able to go to my gyno and get birth control pills so that I can plan to be financially ready when I do decide to have more children.

          2.)The Alaskan independence party. Isn't that the group that looks to make Alaska their own country?

          3.)Ok, I know every one has there skeletons. I have a few chillin out in my closet right now.  I question Sarah Palin's ability of responsible parent. I myself was an un-wed teenage mother. My mother was there after the fact but she did nothing to help prevent it. Did she have the "talk" with her daughter? I mean if she come from a religious family wouldn't abstinence be key to the sanctity of said religion especially being a high profile political individual?

          4.) Speaking of religion, somewhere told me our right to religion is at risk. That Christianity will be the only thing accepted. Prayer in public classrooms. I want my choice not what is told of me. I did have an issue with the modification of our pledge of allegiance. One nation under god was to me not religious. Just a metaphor for unity.

          5) Taxes. Taxes. and of course more taxes. Promise to not raise taxes. This one part of it I don't really believe because they all promise the reduction of taxes. Then, when they take that victory they re-assess the situation and go "Wow were fucked." Raise this and cut that. Everything is taxed for the benefit of everything else. I get it But will whoever wins the presidency secure my SSI? Cause you know bush fucked that up for us. ( see if my info is a little obscure, Like I said I never really discuss these topics.)

          6.)True False? McCain Big Oil? looking to help the rich get richer? or dedicated to a cleaner more productively inexpensive transportation utility?

          7.) Health care? Really low cost? Again, I don't care what either side says, I will believe the promise of change when it actually happens. ( Its kinda like the junkie that needs a fix and promises to stop. I'm sorry I will believe it when I see it.)



          These are just a few of the issues I ponder. I am very curious to hear what everyone has to say about these matters. ( I may appear lopsided in questioning. Hence part 1: The republicans)


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