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Fuck UofL3000


The douchbag did nothing to contribute to this site.  How do I know?  It's still the same shitty site that it has been sence before he was banned.

For those that don;t know, UofL got drunk and sent 6 MILLION (yes MILLION) messages as nalgadas, only he forgot to not be on his own personal account.  The result, The site was shut down for hours, eric lost money, and UofL nearly shit himself.  He lost his account and the 3 items he claimed. 

I will admit, he should be allowed to stay, but has to start over, he needs to lose his stuff to make up for the money he lost Eric.  Maybe that will teach him to report EVERY glitch, the adverse affects of alcohol, and to not gloat about his every accomplishment (because they could very well be taken away by some freak drinking acident).

All of you tools who think that by making a "Free UofL" group and having a "free UofL" avatar, that Eric will "change his mind" and give him his shit back. 

The topic is a Month old, everyone's already posted their opinion on this, give it a rest, no one cares. 

You've even resorted to using the same argument habits that the original douchbag had:

1.  Pre-school insults, often using the word "gay" and "nerd"


3.  Becoming grammar/spelling nazis.

4.  Commenting someone and then blocking them, to avoid a private conflict (looken at you famguyfan).

5.  Ignoring obvious (and often ironic) facts.  Like when you say "NO ONE LIKES YOU" while there are 5 people arguing alongside the one you said it to.

Comment and hate all you want, you'll only be proving my point.

reyo Uploaded 09/06/2008
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