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I miss UofL3000


Not to beat a dead horse or anything (or perhaps exclusively to beat a dead horse) I really miss UofL3000. That man did so much for this site that it is almost unpalatable now with his absence. I mean, the way he got a fucking crazy ass mod to put a comment ban on my account, that was removed two days later because it was bullshit- well that was priceless. The way he spammed millions of messages, causing EBW to crash- that was irreplaceable. What I am trying to say is that he manned up and apologized for his actions and he should be allowed to return. Or not. What I really want to see is the steam comming from that choad tickler ellimem's ears as he reads the 150th uofl300 blog.


I am bigwilli, and this blog is fact filled for your thoughtful consideration.

bigwilli Uploaded 09/08/2008
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