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Beastiality and Masturbating in class


Ok so I was in my English class today and we where talking about our first unit wich is pretty much "beauty and the Beast" by the way I'm in grade 10, But it randomly dawned on me that if the beast is a "beast" then it would be I the dumb little girl that I am put my hand up and asked just so things could be clarrified, well everyone burst into laughter, But its a serious question like I highly doubt that in the Disney version they would show belle and beast having hard core raunchy sex, but what if they did...that would be akward. another thing to add to the weirdness is that the kid that sits behind me has tourettes and his is making these sounds that sound like moaning and I did not know this and I tohugh he was like jerking off behind me, I was terrified that in like the middle of class I'd feel something hit the back of my head or something

CailenMP Uploaded 09/09/2008
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