guys, you would not believe how gay i am.

today i went to the store and i only went in there to buy some lotion, because my skin is really dry. well i went in there, and i realized that the doors were missing!! it was crazy because i walked in them, but then they were gone!!! so then i'm walking to get my lotion, and then i noticed that the cereal aisle was right across from the aisle with the lotion. so i HAD to go in there, you know? and it turned out that the cereal aisle was really, really, REALLY long! i mean i was in there for HOURS! and i couldn't find any Count Chocula so i got the fuck out of there. finally, i made it out of the cereal aisle and back to the lotion aisle. and wouldn't you know it! they didn't have the kind that i use. i mean it's not like it's some crazy obscure brand!! but they didn't have it so i was pretty pissed.

then, all of a sudden, i realized that i wasn't in the store at all.. but in my pantry. oh well.

Uploaded 09/11/2008
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