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"ur gay"



Whatever happened to conversation and communication?  It cracks me up at the attempted satirical humor people attempt to toss around in their comments:


“ur a moran”  “ur gay” “ur stooped”  “poop”


…..I’m all for pissiness.  I’m all for yelling at someone until their children kill themselves because daddy isn’t a real man.  I’m all for someone wishing death on someone else’s entire family due to grammatical err….but for fuck’s sake.  There is NO intelligence whatsoever in any of these comments…I’ve seen better drivel from 9 year olds…


I think there should be a ‘delete comment’ and/or ‘ban user’ option on our blogs here at ebaumsworld.  But…of course I highly doubt that will happen. 


I especially get a kick out of the people who dare call other’s intelligence into question, when they, themselves, have the spelling, grammar and intellect of a wooden spoon.  And of course, when they’re called out or if you bother to point out their own shortcomings, they have an excuse.  It tickles me. 


So what happened to civility or at least intelligence, your thoughts?

GenghisJohn Uploaded 09/11/2008
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