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Dream jobs-yeah right


I was wondering to myself as I sit here, totally sick of my job, how many people actually find a career that they actually enjoy?? Listening to everyone I know, I have to imagine the percentage is pretty low.  I never hear anyone say how much they love their job.  I never hear " I cant wait until tomorrow where a fresh day of work awaits!" or " I cant wait til this weekend is over so the work week can start!"  Most people might think my type of work would be exciting (environmental consultant)-but it isnt...Who likes what they do for a living??  What things do you hate about your jobs??  I hate my job because Im stuck at a computer writing fucking TPS reports (officespace reference) all day...  My job is like having homework all the time, except, if you dont do well, you dont get an "F", you get fired...

What does everyone do for a living??

rysigh Uploaded 09/11/2008
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