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Response to Bluenotes blog


i agree 100 % with your blog. I think every mofo who laughs about this and says its funny and all that bullshit should get flown into a building in a damn plane and let people like us who notice this bullshit going on laff at them. So fucking what if you guys dont care? Show respect please for fuck sakes. You wouldne be here with your pc and all this good shit without america being what it is. What if it was your family there? would you laugh? think about the people who suffer everyday over this shit becase some brain washed towl head jacked a plane and flew it into the towers. You are all pathetic and should just /slit your writs

ok im done. have a good day you worthless pieces of shit.

and to everyone who supports me and blue note and agrees with us, thank from your fellow eBaum Phucker

Phuck_eBaum Uploaded 09/12/2008
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Tags: 911 terrorists


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