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America vs canada


this is is absolutely no way a political debate im 15 and i just wanna decide if im gonna move to the states when i go out on my own...


  • lower legal drinking age
  • free healthcare
  • cheaper land
  • less crime
  • cleaner air(except toronto...)


  • higher taxes
  • less rights and freedoms
  • gun registration acts


  • rights and freedoms
  • california
  • awesomer places to go
  • closer to the rest of my family
  • guns & drugs
  • hollywood


  • more violence
  • george bush(not for long)
  • dirtier air(in most areas at least)
  • semi-shotty healthcare

so if anyone can think of any reasons why i may or may not want to move to america plz tell me cuz this is a decision i need to make some time in the next 3 years

zalas0 Uploaded 09/12/2008
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