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Your girlfiriends parents hate you, and will forever.


I was working my shit job at ol' Pamida retail store, when a customer comes up. As a native of your average small town, of course he was decked out in flannel, and of course, he had mistaken himself for a stand-up comedian.

"My daughter Melanie says you Palmida folks got a 600 inch flat screen on sale," he states, obviously forgetting that PAMIDA has no fucking "L" in it. Jesus, I've grown to hate the letter L. Now, I knew his daughter Melanie, and somehow this guy knew me. That said, I decided to play along with his "brilliant" joke,

"Well," I said, "I think you're daughter is a pathological liar. You should probably put her down or something. Plus, then you would save on the food bill. Everybody wins."

He laughed and started to talk about the hurricane (CNN was playing all day on the TVs).


I tried the joke on my girlfriends parents. Apparently they didn't find it too funny.

sparks158 Uploaded 09/12/2008
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