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Public Service Announcement - Conservation


This is Public Service Announcement, brought to you by Kitty. 

There's a huge hype about "going green".  Most of it is bullshit (like recycling- it does far more harm than good), but there are some good ways to conserve energy, like using CFL light bulbs, and reusing plastic bags or buying the fabric bags.

BUT one of the best ways to conserve and help the environment (and it's my favourite way) is this:

Tandem Showering.

What is "tandem showering"?  If you're married or have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), and you want to help out the planet, shower together!  While one person washes their hair, the other is rinsing whatever part they had just washed, and you take turns like that.  You conserve water, and you've got someone to wash your back!  Who doesn't like to see their partner naked and wet while saving the planet?  It's just good!


...Unless you have sex in the shower...  Then you end up wasting more water than you would've showering seperately.  Oops.  Oh, well. :D

kittyhasclaws Uploaded 09/13/2008
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