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so for my fourth and final blog of the night, the blog that is going to draw me even closer to my bike! lol.


i have decided that i have filled up my ebaums quota for the night. i am going to drag myself to sleep and dream of all manner of things baum-y!


also as an aside (good ol' alliteration there) i think that if you are reading this then you too should go to sleep.


it is late and im sure everyone has a lot of trash talking to do in the morn, and a little r n' r is in order!


the thing i like about EW is the smallness of the community. yes there may be several thousand users, but we divide ourselves into packs quite nicely. its like survival of the fittest or highschool (they are pretty much synonymous actually!)



muffinman123 Uploaded 09/13/2008
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