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so just finished reading the book "Diary" by Chuck Palahniuk and it was very good. I love his writing style and the repition throughout the book. the only critisism i have is that the middle of the book was very slow, and it was almost painful to try and get myself into the book, i had to go back and reread sentances constantly..but i got through it and it was a great novel and i deffinatly recomend it.

oh and for those of you who have read it, i thought i was clever for thinking this but correct me if im wrong and everyone thought of this. the island is called "Waytansea Island"..which kinda sounds like "wait and see" right? it doesnt have any significance to the story but i htought that was kidna cool.

now im going to start his book "snuff" and im excited to see how it goes..

yea after reading someones blog about his book Choke (sorry i cant remember who it was) i looked him up and thought all his novels sounded so interesting and got Diary, Snuff, Invisible Monsters, and, of course, Choke

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