Classical Inspirations

The hot topic of the day seemed to be music, with the exception of Eshels and Bluenotes little bitchfight and the many blogs formed around that.  Ive recently started developing a Passion for Classical music, and lately I've been trying to find entire collections on Individual Composers and the remakes of Orchestral Pieces by current composers.  I saw some people that had an interest in this subject comment several times about their insights into this generally unappreciated genre of music, (Currently that is, most people can name 10 Hip-hop Ape-ists before naming 5 Classical Artists).

So, I've written this blog for people to put their opinions on the music as well as any suggestions for peices that I should look out for.  I've been Concentrating on Beethovens symphonies, as well as the Current works of Howard Shore and Simon Rattle.  If you think Classical Music sucks ass, well then go ahead and post it on here, as I'm sure you would do so anyways. 

Oh, and if you do have a suggesstion, name a specific Symphony and Movement.

Uploaded 09/14/2008
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