World vs. Soldier tribute to Blake Miller

Men are no longer men.
They are killers who dropped their beliefs and picked up weapons to fight for new ones.

It is a great scavanger of thought.
It is the sovereign disinfectant and its red stream of blood is the fluid that cleans out the stagnant pools and clotted channels of the intellect.

They have awakened from an opium-dream of comfort, of ease;
Of that miserable poltroonery of "sheltered life".

Our wish for indulgence of every sort, our laxity of manners, our wretched sensitiveness to personal inconvience.

These are suddenly lifted before us in their true guise as the specters of national decay.

They have risen from dilettantism to lay them, before its too late.

By the flashing of the unsheathed sword.....

They however, will never forget that war does not prove who is right or wrong....

But who is left standing.



"War is a game best played with a smile.
If you cannot smile, grin;
If you cannot grin......
Keep out of the way until you can."
Winston Churchill


Uploaded 09/18/2008
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