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rapist beatdown


About a month ago, i found out that a rapist who had been freed from prison a year early due to overcrowding, moved into a house in our area. this man raped the 14 year old daughter of his girlfreind and was fucking freed a year early.

anyway, obviously im not the only one who found out about it, our whole area did, and the house was vandalised for a while before some bloke attacked the rapist when he was about to go into his house. turned out the rapist got a fractured cheek bone and some minor cuts on his face before this man ran off.

the cops found this guy and now hes being done for GBH and will probably get a maximum sentence. now dont you think its fucked up that this scumbag rapist gets let out a year early and yet this man who showed him probably half the pain he subjected to that 14 year old girl will get jailtime. in my opinion thats payback for his early release.





Durcs Uploaded 09/20/2008
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