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The Serious questions of life.


So yeah, I just got back from a party which had a keg of Spotted cow... And as the discussions got more intellectual as the hours drove on and more was consumed, we came to a couple choice questions that dominated the evening for short intervals.


1.) Would you let a leprechaun rape you in the ass if it meant that you would shit gold for a week?  And if so, would you do your best to eat as much ex lax and bran muffins as possible?


2.) Back before the civil war, if the wife of a slave owner had sex with one of the slaves... was it considered bestiality? 


3.) Do you think opening your own abortion clinic in your basement, using rusty coat hangers and ziplock bags would be a good way to make money?


And as a side note... I'm half drunk and even I can use the fucking spellchecker.

rkuzdas Uploaded 09/21/2008
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