Pussy Fart Motor

I blogged a few days back asking where I could find a good audio converter program. Baller07 hooked me up with a link that worked great. I am in the process of converting and uploading some of my prank calls.

I was into the prank call thing for a while a few tears back and recorded about 100 of them. Many were lost when my computer crashed. The ones I am uploading are from a sample CD I burned at the time.

Take a listen if you care to. There are many that didn't make the cut but in the ones I posted, there are some funny moments. I like the call I made on a Mustang for sale. I asked the lesbian selling it if it had a 'QUIFF MOTOR.' She was oblivious to the pussy fart reference.

Thank you to everyone who sent me media converter links. Thank you to all who read, rate, and comment on my blogs. But most of all... thank you to Al Gore for inventing the internet so that I may beat off to midget porn, watch a video of 2 girls doing unspeakable things to a cup, upload childish pranks, and look at a satellite photo of my house.



Uploaded 09/21/2008
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