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Mr. Mickey Manly-Man?


So I live in an appartment with my five roommates: Derek, Trevor, Justin, Brennan, and Mickey. We're quite the family really. It's nice being the only girl, especially with so many amazingly attractive men. It's REALLY nice actually. The thing is, they never cease to amaze me. I'm constantly smiling. The whole point is, this morning I walked out of my bedroom (three bedroom appartment, six people, I'm the only one with my own room) =) heading to the kitchen to make pancakes. I swear, I'm all of their mother/sister/wife at the same time. I don't mind really though. But I got to the living room and looked out the window only to see Mr. Manly-Man himself, Mickey, riding a little pink bike with a basket, horn, and the ribbon things too, down the road.

It made my day! =)

I only wish I had a camera.

bri3core Uploaded 09/21/2008
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