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I am a pretty considerate dude. I believe in preserving our planet and reusing things.

In these unsure financial tmes I believe that, NOW, more than ever, we must conserve and recycle.

My thought is this. I could help our planet by taking my bellybutton lint, collecting it for a few years, then weaving the fibers into a sweater or scarf. It would contain hairs from my belly and chest, making it a truly personal garmet.

Maybe I could take my dingle berries, soak the brown poop-juice from them, rebleach, and pulp it down. I could join with several friends and we could then make new toilet paper fromn what would be normally washed down the shower drain.

Let us join hands and recycle. May my ass hair help make this planet green. I love you all. Good night.

CamoToe Uploaded 09/22/2008
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