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Quik intro

my user name is ughh_li and i think i might be screwed

i have recently been using the blog section of ebaumsworld and upload some fotos that were indecent and the females could have been under-aged

when i did this one of the moderators reported it and the blog was removed
however i didnt understand the reason, at first, of why it was removed
so i then reposted the blog with some additional pics

it wasnt until i got comments on the second blog that i realized why it was removed the first time
i also found out that i might/probably get banned from ebaumsworld but i dont want that to happen

i think that this site is awesome and i regret what i did

i won't make any more pornographic blogs or upload any pornographic pics with possible minors in it

please don't ban me
ebaumsworld is an awesome site and if i stay a member i wont try to be as big of a hardheaded idiot

i dont know where else to turn so PLEASE if you are a moderator please contact me to let me know if there is anything else that i can do to stop from being banned

I AM TRULY SCINCERE i want nothing more than to stay a member of ebaums world


after reading some comments left about this blog i would like to add some comments onto the end of this blog

as i mentioned above i was "a hardheaded idiot" and for some reason i saw a comment about major erep points through e-mail. so once again instead of thinking everything through or reading other comments about this "glitch" i emailed jokes and videos to my few friends but mostly i got the emails from my school website.  it took me about 2 hours to get 100,000 points in one day but i did it.

i also realize that this was wrong and about 185,000-187,000 of my 192,220 points are illegal points

i deserve to have the majority of my erep points taken away but i dont think i deserve to be banned

come on everybody makes mistakes

and i think i learned a good lesson "Dont be such a retarded kid. think things through. even though i have A.D.H.D. i need to settle down on the internet."

ughh_li Uploaded 09/23/2008
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