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Peoples views on religion.


I'm curious to see the varied religious views our bloggers might have.  Let's not turn this into a self righteous "fuck you" fest.  Personally i'm a little of everything.  I feel that a lot of religions have many valid lessons that they teach their followers as well as their fair share of hypocracy.  In my oppinion arguing about religion is akin to two people arguing over who's imaginary friend is better.  So bloggers, I ask you.  What is it that you believe in and why?  Let's not have any bible thumping or people bashing each other over their beliefs.  Just what you believe and why.  I suppose why i ask this is i've grown pretty weary of hearing the two sides arguing back and forth and back and forth between the supporters of McCain and Obama so i figured maybe I'll try to spark a new debate.  Once again, please be kind to your fellow blogger and don't bitch at them over their beliefs.

strangef8 Uploaded 09/25/2008
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