yet another blog....

of me talking about the random shit that i did these past few days...

me and my dad are building a small portion of fence and a gate on one side of our house and so far we have one 4x4,two 2x4s, two 2x2s, six 1x1s, three 1x6s and a peice of trellice(if thats how its spellt) and we arent even done the foot and half long peice of fence...

my carving is still in the basics but its comin along now that i have a proper knife(the spine of the dragon is just starting to take shape but yaaaaaaaay!) so more on that shite soon...

i found a rubix cube in a box in my basement while searching for a whet stone and i almost solved it but then i fucked up and decided to restart... but ya....

thats pretty much all thats new...

oh and i have to write this french poem for my shoolwork(online correspondence) but i cant think in french and thus cannot write a poem in french, any help? tixi! help me you french bastard!

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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