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That was a terrible blog

I'm Voting repulican because I like to hear, "Hello how are you" instead of "Sup, Homie-g dogg g-Homes."

I'm Voting republican, so we can be less dependent on foriegn oil, so are economy didn't suck in the first place, So someone finally intelligent running for the republican candidiacy, will find alternate energy sources.

I'm voting Republican because, I don't like the government spending my money on people who havn't done shit to earn it.

I'm voting Republican, so Obama doesn't send, 10,000 troops to Afganistan, unlike this dumbass thought. And I'd like ot have someone with military experience run the country if another 9/11 happened.

I'm voting republican so we can keep Al gores private jet on the ground... sorry had to. and so we don't have people telling us its the end of the world because our planet is going through a climate change.

I'm voting republican To keep more people from getting murdered than all the convicts on death row have murdered. Abortions are for incest or rape.

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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