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It would be cool.


I think that it would be really cool if it was really the end of the world. That would be an awesome thing. I mean you really don't top the end of the world. Thats as good as get gets. It would be awesome if that N.E.O that i going to come close got stuck in our orbit tilted our poll a little causing mass weather disturbance that would cause famine drought. I could go on forever how cool it would be to see this new moon of ours and watch the world die. The longer I got to live and watch the better right? Would I document it and write it down? Fuck no;it's the end of the world right?

Imagine the civil unrest when people start starving. I would say in a couple of months you would go from day to day to the end of days. A great military state would I imagine have to subdue the remaining areas of population. I guess these would generally become one and be led by what could be called the Antichrist?

Then I guess people start to be heavily cataloged in the sake of survival and the militant state. With civil decline I am sure we can count on good old Disease to start killing the fuck out of people again due to no immunity, hospitals, clean water or food. And where there is a military state their is usually war.

I bet wars at the end of the world are stellar and gruesome. People will resort to the lowest means to survive. Indeed it will be fun to watch. Or maybe be eaten by radioactive end of the world people with guns. Not dressed up like they did in the cheesy 80's movies but just be covered in festering sores from all of the kick ass chemical warfare. Women will be sold on the black market (more than usual) in the midst of the constant wave of death.

Dead line the streets and become quite a nuisance therefore some deaths are simply documented and the body's are disposed of in some fashion. I recommend the burning. That would be a cool job to have at the end of the world because for one because wouldn't be dead. Maybe starving a little and living off of rations.

With the four horsemen of the apocolypse unleashed opon the world;The great Lucifer will rein supreme. Lucifer rocks so the earth is just going to be stuff that rocks. Lucifer will fix the planet and we will love him. And it's hard not to because Lucifer is one hell of a guy. This will go on for a while untill god comes back I think. He might bring Jesus and those Arc Angles of his to blow horns and kick ass. I think thats how it goes I dunno but I hope you 2012 people are right.

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