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Ultra Conservative Sex with Julie AW Smith



JULIE and AW SMITH are in a living room. JULIE is wearing a American Flag Bikini while sitting on the couch, and AW SMITH is wearing a three piece suit. AW SMITH has already removed his white shirt, and tie. He has yet to remove his $300 shoes, $100 belt, and $500 custom fitted pants.

JULIE: Oh your bad, yes you are!

AW SMITH: (raising the roof & skipping around) I'M BAD! Oh yeah! Are you recording this?

JULIE: Yeah the red light is on. Oh you have moves (makes growling noise). Go to the pantry and get the syrup.


AW SMITH walks to the pantry, grabs the syrup, and returns to the living room.

JULIE: Now, pour it all over you.

AW SMITH: Oh yeah!

JULIE: I always know how to get you sticky.

JULIE walks over to wear AW SMITH is standing, and proceeds to lick the syrup off his chest.

AW SMITH: Now that is sexy, I dont care who you are.

JULIE: (makes growling noise)

AW SMITH: What do you say we take it to the next level?

JULIE: What is the next level?

AW SMITH: It involves me and you in the bedroom, minus the clothing, but adding in the sheets.

JULIE: You mean sex?


JULIE slaps AW SMITH across the face.

JULIE: I was having a fun time on our first date, but I do not have sex on the first time mister. I will be reporting this to the GOP Girls at our next meeting.


AWSmith Uploaded 09/30/2008
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