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Dream Control


Most of us have had dreams in which we were able to control at least one aspect. These dreams occur because you realize you are dreaming, but are not yet awake. Semi-conscious we'll say. Well did you know you can learn to control your dreams? This concept has mystified me and I'm currently trying to learn how. There is a site designated to this, although I cannot remember its name. The basic concept is you need to write down your dreams and continue to do so until you recall at least one dream a night. At this point you can try to control them. Wouldn't it be great if you could do anything you wanted in your dreams. Fly, give a speech, be president...anything the mind can think of. Even with all this training you will probably only have one or two of these dreams a month. If I reach the point of control, I will post about it, until then thanks for reading.


dsgrue3 Uploaded 10/01/2008
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