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So for some reason, Ralph Nadar isnt running on the Green party ticket this year. So you should go out and vote green. Who are they running you may ask? It doesnt matter, but it is Cynthia McKinney. That is right, the scary looking black chick that is most famous for shoving a policeman at the capital when she was in the congress.

Why should you vote for her? She just uncovered the greatest conspiracy of all time. According to her (and absolutely no one else) the department of defense executed 5,000 prisoners with a gunshot to the back of the head and then dumped their bodies in Louisiana swamps right after Katrina. That is right, not one of their families knows they are dead, but 5,000 of them are.

I think McKinney's flawless detective work has earned her the presidency. Or a straightjacket. Yes, definately one of the two. It is just depressing to think that all joking aside, she is probably better than palin

bigwilli Uploaded 10/02/2008
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