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New Paintball Blog!!!


Alright its only been half hour since the last blog but still! I was getting shit from some people!  Airsofters stop commenting!  Airsoft if a pussy sport (this sentence shall start up a future angry 12 year old airsofter and cause him to spew stupid shit from his extremeties).  Blogs aren't ment to be some kind of stress release for horny 12 year olds who just finished wacking off to start talkin shit about stuff they dont know about!  Enough i say!  I say what i want to say not what u want to hear!  If you dont like it then leave.  Dont rate and dont hate!  Things you dont like dont need to be rated!  Ya this blog isnt about paintball really, its to tell you to shut the hell up!  And have you noticed that ebaums is turning into a porn site?  Not that i mind but... just saying.

noobkilla Uploaded 10/02/2008
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