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Hmm since were posting poetry now.


Since were posting poetry now heres one i wrote:

Taken Away

I remember the memories of what used to be,
But one day it all got taken away.
I still hear your laughter as if you're right next to me.
As every hour passes by,
I sit,
I wonder,
Only to break down and cry.
I turned to lean on your shoulder,
soon to discover that you were not there,
How could life be so unfair?
My mind filled with anger,
and my soul felt as though it was gone.
My heart weakened as I turned to the stranger,
And i asked do you regret what you've done?
The strangers eyes were glazed over,
as his breath smelled of booze,
he never looked over and left no reply!
My eyes willed with tears as i yelled why god why,
My hands craddled to my face as i fell on my knees,
sobbing all i could think,
is why did this stranger take my loved one away from me?

Bella24 Uploaded 10/03/2008
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