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Avatar....i need one


So does anybody have a good avatar for me? I like tennis...I am good at tennis and I could beat you. I need a new one, so yea...Submit yours to me and I will pick my favorite. OH! OH! I have an idea. Ebaum should do a contest where the best avatar wins. Kinda like a photoshop contest except better! And to get my idea out there, this blog should be featured so that ebaum will read it. Wait, he can just read it, he doesnt need to feature it. Either way I dont care. You all will know that I came up with the idea first, and pattented it. So ebaum, ask for my granting. And then I will say you can do it. If you dont want to ask, you can do it, just credit me. YAY! okay, get making me an avatar!

runnerboy23 Uploaded 10/04/2008
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